The Rules and Other Info

We will be using Skype 5.0, Maptool Build 74 and Deviant Null’s most recent framework. Also, I’m planning about a 70%/30% Combat to Roleplay ratio at the moment but that may change depending on the players interests/desires for the game and where said game goes. I am planning a “Troop Creation” for the first session with a simple basic battle following it so all of the players can test drive their PCs in combat and we can see if anythings needs to be fixed so the party works well together. PCs will start at 1st Level. Anything from WotC is legal and most 3rd Party stuff will be allowed, too. I’ll need your Contact Info(E-Mail address, Screen Name for Skype, Screen Name on Maptool, ect.) I’ll most likely use E-Mails or Skype IMs to contact the group as a whole.

And here are My Rules of Conduct:
#1: Any words, phrases or expressions intended as Insults directed towards any Player, their Family, Friends or any other Actual Living Being they personally know will result in Immediate and Irrevocable Banning from this Campaign and any future Maptool based event I may Run in the future! I do NOT tolerate any form of Hate, Bigotry or Ignorance from the REAL WORLD Directed at REAL PEOPLE! It does NOT make for a FUN experience at all!

#2: When in doubt about what you should do in the game, do what makes the most FUN for the most PLAYERS!

#3: Remember, the DM is a PLAYER too! If the DM Doesn’t have some FUN, then there won’t be a GAME for you to have FUN in, either!

And that is about it. Let me know. Thanks:)


The Rules and Other Info

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