The Underground Caravan

Adventure 0: Campaign origins

It is a tough time in the southern edge of the Nentyr Vale. Tyrants reign in the few “Civilized” areas and slavers prowl the wilderness, preying on the small towns and villages. The “Games” offer the only major distraction from the horrible conditions most live under. All watch the “Games”, routing for their favorite Gladiator or just trying to get a few more coppers by gambling on them. And the Tyrants coffers are filled even more by all of this Their Iron Grip tightening on those under them. And who stands up to oppose them. None, until now!

Adventure 1: The Revolt, part 1

Our adventure starts on an ordinary day it the Gladitorial Pits. A group of Gladiators fight for their lives against a larger force. As they prevail, the crowd cheers. That evening, they get a strange visitor, a small, heavily damage Bird Construct thing. It bears a gift, the means for Freedom. And a message.

As they mull over the message and put on there gear, they discuss their options. They plan to clear out the guards and, hopefully, return to free the rest of the Slaves.

They attempt to sneak up on the guards above and attack them. The guards and their construct allies fall surprisingly easily. They explore the guard station and Trophy Room beyond finding an old forgotten Magic Item there.

Next time: The Revolt continues!

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